About Us

iCOMMUNITY– A people centric entrepreneurship development community, formed by business owners and entrepreneurs from different industries, to observe, advice and support each other throughout their journey of entrepreneurship.

It focuses on learning, problem-solving, networking and thinking out of the box, to deliver and generate desired results. This is the platform where aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners talk about their real life pressing business matters, without embarrassment, and come as a team to seek solutions for each problem faced.

We do not “repackage” and “beautify” an existing issue. We overcome it together!


A group of like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs from various industries, sharing the same objectives to bring their businesses to another level, by connecting a problem-solving network with each other’s experience, expertise and effort. With this method, many business owners benefit from iCOMMUNITY as their common problems can now be heard and unraveled.


Who needs

Owner of Small and Medium Entreprises (SMEs), Business startups, Emerging entrepreneurs, Second generation of an existing business. If you are one the above, you would be a great match to iCOMMUNITY.


Our Programme

  • Members Portal
  • Monthly Group Meeting
  • 50% Discount On Charge Events Or Workshop organised by iCOMMUNITY
  • All Privileges of PAR Package
  • One Session One-To-One Per Month With Business Caddy
  • All Privileges Of BIRDIE Package
  • Two Sessions of One-To-One Meeting With Business Caddy